Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brave new world

Congratulations to Birmingham City Council for getting something right - they live-streamed the full council meeting this afternoon. Laugh a minute it was not, but it is an important step in opening up the proceedings of the council to genuine public scrutiny. It isn't important whether it is watched, just that it can be watched by those who want to see our elected members in action. The presentation is basic in the extreme, the video quality patchy, but that isn't the point. Top marks to the Birmingham Council media team and to the councillors who finally made it possible. All a far cry from Wales, where they do things differently there.


charlie said...

Not totally the point I agree, but, at time when you can get HDTV on your laptop, if you persist with poor quality audio and fixed camera angles people are going to stop watching.

Anonymous said...

Even a staggering drunk will take an occasional step in the right direction. If you really want to see how serious this council is take a look at they have complied the national gov's request that councils open up their monthly expense data in a machine readable format.

PDF files that are not machine readable, no department detail, no expense explanation and not even a full company name for the recipient but instead some sort of 1985 computer filename style abbreviation.

One could almost suspect they are trying to hide something.

Hedy Korbee said...

So commonplace in other parts of the world and long overdue for Birmingham!