Wednesday, June 01, 2011

In a time of sad statistics...

This one affects me more than many.

In a previous life, I had to visit people in their homes and was always quietly saddened by the number of homes that had no books visible - tidy though they often were. They've always been a much-loved part of my and my family's life - I can't imagine being without them and despite my attachment to electronics, the very idea of a Kindle leaves me cold. Even our very youngest loves to hold a book, although his current understanding is limited to looking and pointing at the pictures. We don't have a room in our house without at least one book, so our children are lucky enough to have grown up in an environment where we are always wondering where we can fit the next set of shelves.

A child without a book is a deprived child.

(Hat tip to Tim Harford)

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