Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TPA don't get it

The TPA celebrated 'Tax Freedom Day' - the point at which you start working for yourself, rather than paying your contribution to an ordered society that supports its people working for the government - by issuing a begging letter of its own to their email list.

Meanwhile, they also celebrated their invitation to the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan - the man who apparently defeated communism, but also initiated the largest tax cut in history. What the blinkered fools at the TPA fail to mention is that over the course of the 80s and early 90s, Reagan and his successor, Bush Sr, worked very hard to increase the US national debt - quadrupling it, in fact. Given that the TPA have been vocally critical about the UK's national debt, it seems strange that they are lionising a US President with a very loose grasp of economics. Indeed, it is a strange fact that under every Republican President since Ford, the US debt has risen - even Bush Jr managed to almost double it. Democrats Carter and Clinton cut the national debt, although Obama has seen it rise so far.

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