Monday, August 08, 2011

Personnel Issues

We've had the news that Mirza Ahmad will leave Birmingham City Council as his post was deleted and then came the surprising news that the man in charge of the slow car crash that is Business Transformation (which will produce different savings depending upon which day of the week you ask the question) is also to leave the council as part of another restructuring of the change team.

Glyn Evans, the grandly titled Corporate Director of Business Change isn't actually leaving, he's being seconded to Warwick Business School, with a vague assurance that he will find some funding from somewhere to cover his wages. I have to admit to struggling with the idea that the council, busy at it is trying to fill various black holes in finances and cutting grants to charities providing frontline support, can fund a senior manager to toddle off for a year on a paid sabbatical. Even more curious is the assurance that - despite the doubts of many - the business change is now so well embedded and the savings so guaranteed that the management team can be dispersed. Add to this the fact that the council is expected to change political control next year and go through a period of redirection and upheaval and you have to wonder why he's being allowed out at such an important time.

Unless of course he knows something that others only suspect about Business Transformation. Do we really want to pull back the curtain and destroy the image?

Speaking of confusion over personnel issues, Cllr Rudge spoke damningly of the 'moveable feast' that is HR legislation, which is apparently being made on the fly by tribunals on a monthly basis. Which it isn't. What is damning is the series of poor decisions that have been taken to defend utterly indefensible cases against counsel's advice.

The coalition has brought these problems on itself - many councils resolved them without half the troubles that Birmingham has faced and this is largely down to the appalling way that the city has treated its employees. Cllr Rudge should be utterly ashamed of the situation, but he prefers to try to shift the blame onto others.

Interesting that many council employees face thumping cuts in their pay, but the senior managers share their pain by losing their free parking spaces and suffering - suffering, I tell you - a cut in mileage rates. Shall we have a whip round for the senior grades to ease their grief?

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charlie said...

So Paul Dale has an attack of pomposity about a ten year old 'story' for his Iron Angle column being pulled but won't follow up on the Glyn Evans matter? Nor will his newspaper challenge Rudge on his wild comments. They must have access to an employment law specialist. I don't understand the Birmingham Post.