Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gordon Bennett..

Cllr Matt Bennett was clearly in the wrong in sending an email to all 120 City Councillors, officers and contractors that called a fellow councillor - even a political opponent - a rather rude name. The Birmingham Mail redact the exact word, so we are left to guess exactly what he called Cllr Tony Kennedy - 'twit', possibly?   Who knew that Tony was so sensitive?

The core of the problem is that Amey have sent out an email saying that despite a multi-billion, long-term contract, their 'stewards' would no longer attend routine evening ward committee meetings - meetings that are attended by councillors, officers and members of the public. It seems odd that this rule has been introduced after an attack on a member of staff last year and Amey are only now concerned about the safety of their lone workers. A blanket ban on attending ward committees seems to be an excessive step and it is interesting to see the Tories defending this case of 'elf and safety gone mad.' (And for the record, I've a fair bit of experience safely managing lone workers myself).

The cynical amongst us wonder if this is more about costs than safety.

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