Friday, January 20, 2012

Losing friends and influencing people the Chris Huhne way

So the Sunday Times have withdrawn their defence of the disclosure order obtained by Essex Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to take possession of emails between the Sunday Times' political editor, Isabel Oakeshott and Vicky Pryce, the former Mrs Huhne.

That was the last piece that the CPS were waiting for to make a decision on whether or not to prosecute.

It has been widely reported that Chris Huhne had leaked the rather embarrassing letter from Michael Gove in support of a new royal yacht. Michael Gove's wife, Sarah Vine, works for the Times. As the Telegraph points out, Chris Huhne has hardly been busy making alliances - not even the Liberal Democrats can be bothered to defend him any more, given his long track record of screwing over his political colleagues. He isn't even very competent at the machinations, with his every clever political move being exposed as the manipulation it is. Politicians can fear or respect a top-class political operator, but an incompetent one inspires nothing but ridicule.

There’s nothing endearing about Huhne. He has the cold, dead eyes of a political snake, hissing poison as he slithers down the corridors of power. He calls to mind a Machiavellian operator – except that his bungling would have the author of The Prince throwing his hands up in despair
Has fraternal Cabinet loyalty finally been stretched to breaking point?

We reported on 17th an We reported on 17th and 18th January ("Huhne accused of leaking letter about new royal yacht"; and "All the malice of Machiavelli – but sadly none of his skill") that Chris Huhne MP had leaked a letter about the new royal yacht to journalists in an attempt to discredit colleagues. We now accept that this is wrong, and apologise to Mr Huhne for any embarrassment caused. We particularly regret the offence caused by Cristina Odone’s article 

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