Friday, February 17, 2012

Framing the right

Julie Meyer has produced this 'new lexicon' of conservative speak. Much of it mirrors what we've seen in the US and if you haven't read Frank Luntz' excellent book 'Words that Work', you need to. Essentially, you can define an argument by the words that you use. Julie includes this handy list here - which should act as a bingo card for political discussion. I've added a couple of my own and I may try and add more. Let me know if you see any others.

Do not say
accumulating wealthsaving for later
affordable housingsubsidised housing
austerityliving within our means
bailing out the bankspoliticians bailing out the banks
broadest shoulderssomeone else
commercialwhat people want
cutsbringing back to reasonable spending levels /
efficiencies / savings
fair share“I don't know where to start to describe what's wrong here”
fair share of taxesexcessive taxes
fair tradefree trade
fairnessreward for effort
fat catsentrepreneurs
free (state services)taxpayers’ money
greedy bankersgreedy government
he earns more than the PMhe earns less than the PM if you  include the PM’s benefits
income inequalityreward for effort
investment (state)spending
key workerskey voters
national insurance contributiontax on jobs
poverty is inequalitypoverty is absolute
progressive taxationdisproportionate taxation
public sectorbig government
public servicesservices
quantitative easingprinting money
redistributionpunishing success
regulationsred tape
safety netstate hammock
state created jobsprivate jobs taxed out of existence
the richpeople who have done well
wealthnest egg
welfare statesomething-for-nothing society

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