Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breaking News - Demonstration in Yardley

A sunny day in Birmingham Yardley brought a group of 20-30 demonstrators out onto the pavement outside John Hemming's constituency office on the Coventry Road. They were criticising his support for the dangerously destructive NHS Bill and the government's plan to tax pensioners to pay for a tax cut benefitting millionaires.

By the time my correspondent got to the scene, the demonstration had dispersed and the police had turned up to ensure public order. Because those pensioners can cut up rough, you know.

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Ben said...

I was at the protest and organised it. I feel I should clarify some things before it gets exaggerated you say the protest consisted of 200 people chanting 'Death to the Lib Dems' in a terrifying monotone and John Hemming saying I dislocated my jaws to swallow a live Daily Mail reader in an expression of extreme radicalism.

The protest was what it was. A start.

When I got home after the protest I posted a report on the Birmingham Against the cuts website after I was told John Hemming had posted there.

I'm sure some of your readers will find the comments interesting.

I should also point out I am not a Labour supporter, and if it had been Labour's turn in power I would not have acted differently.

I took a long break from being politically active and it was Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems that got me active again with 'Cleggmania' and the hope for genuine political change in the UK.

I go into the exact results of that in the report.