Thursday, March 08, 2012

Shameless hypocrisy from desperate Lib Dems - London-style

This leaflet (acquired from PoliticalScrapBook) comes from a council candidate in the constituency of Liberal Democrat minister, Sarah Teather.

This is the same Sarah Teather who has defended and voted for cuts as a government minister.

But then she did rail against academies and the 'shambles' of Tory schools policy prior to the election and then accept a cushy little job doing Gove's dirty woratrk in implementing that shambles, so she has form.

Sometimes, you think that people have sunk to such a low that they can't possibly better it - and then you are disappointed to find out that they can sink further.

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Jacob Richardson said...

The Liberal Democrats are truly the embodiment of hypocrisy, irrelevancy and useful idiocy.