Monday, April 02, 2012

Eric's scheme flops

Back in February, I wrote about Eric Pickles' attempts to return to the days when every Englishman could have the remnants of his chicken curry collected on a weekly basis. I predicted then that few if any councils would consider restarting weekly collections, as the funding would only last for three of the five years for which they are required to sign up and that the money was insufficient in any case.

And lo, so it has come to pass. The Telegraph have been delving and so far, they report

  • 96 councils are not applying for funds. Most of them have already abandoned weekly collections, and 58 of the 96 are Conservative authorities
  • 34 will apply for money but only to introduce weekly food waste collections, or increase the number of homes covered, rather than bring in a full service
  • 31 wanted money for plans which will do nothing to bring back weekly collections, including sat nav systems for rubbish lorries, more giant communal bins and even “nappy recycling” schemes
  • two councils were in the process of ditching weekly collections — but were still applying to the scheme for funding for weekly food collections
  • just 17 authorities which currently have full weekly collections said they would apply for money to guarantee their future.
Only Gloucester City Council will use the money to restore weekly waste collections. That will cover just 50,000 homes. 

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