Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Public hanging restored in London

Readers, this could be your next Prime Minister.

Pretty much as I've been forecasting for ages, Tories want Boris as the next leader of the party and he has apparently got Murdoch's backing (although that might not be a vote-winner these days).

Most worrying for the current PM is Benedict Brogan's report that the money is on Boris now.
Conservative donors have had enough, and are lining up behind the London Mayor. In City terms, the money men are shorting the Tory leadership. This has happened before; it’s what helped finish Iain Duncan Smith.
A Tory recovery is inextricably linked to an economic one and the absence of any signs of revival spell political defeat for Cameron, with Osborne then ruled out of the leadership because of his incompetence as Chancellor. The growing level of support for Boris will worry Cameron, but it should also trouble Labour. 

Boris has shown a unique capacity in modern British politics - Brand Boris and his trademark buffoonery obscure any detailed consideration of some of his questionable policy and personnel appointments. For a while in his first administration, there seemed to be a revolving door of deputy mayors forced out over one issue or another. However, the Olympics now seem to be running more or less to plan, especially now the professionals are involved in security operations and Boris looks suitably mayoral. 

Boris is perhaps the only leader with any hope of saving the Tory party from defeat at the next election. Behind the image of a genial village idiot lurks a shrewd political brain and Boris knows where he's going. Despite his promises that he would serve his term, what if the Tory Party came to him 'in the national interest?' 

I think we know the answer, especially as Boris plans on having some free time on his hands after the Olympics and leaving running London up to his deputy mayors while he goes part-time.

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