Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to the future with Matt Bennett

Our Tory candidate for West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner put a leaflet out in Birmingham Ladywood which includes his priorities for policing.

Apart from noting that he doesn't promise to protect core policing from creeping privatisation, protect our neighbourhood police teams or our police community support officers, he does promise to introduce a contract with the public.

I can support that element of his programme. Indeed, it is a Labour policy, as the last government created something called the Policing Pledge, which laid down exactly what you can expect from the police.

One of this government's first acts was to abolish the Policing Pledge, which Theresa May announced on the 29 June 2010. Back then, she said:
I know that some officers like the policing pledge, and some, I’m sure, like the comfort of knowing they’ve ticked boxes. But targets don’t fight crime; targets hinder the fight against crime
So, according to his own Home Secretary, the Tory candidate for the police commissioner post will be hindering the fight against crime. Why does he know better than his own Home Secretary?


charlie said...

Zero tolerance as well. Don't think his comments about Mitchell fell into that category.

Tom said...

Perhaps because Theresa May is Home Secretary for a coalition government and Matt Bennett is the Conservative candidate for Police Commissioner (which, just like elected mayors, is intended to be independent from government)?