Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LibDems still making promises they can't keep

Ayoub Khan, dismissed by the Aston electorate in May, is in the running to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Police & Crime Commissioner on Nov 15, assuming he wins the race to be nominated as their candidate. It is a race in which he is the sole entrant, so he's probably in with a reasonable chance.

His big policy announcement at last night's Birmingham Chamber of Commerce hustings meeting was that he will target the police to respond within five minutes of an emergency call.

Given the cuts imposed by the government that he supports, which will see almost 1200 police officers and over 100 PCSOs leave the service, this looks like a pipe dream at best. Especially as the service couldn't make the ten minute response target, so now works to a fifteen minute target.

Will officers be pushed to drive faster to incidents? Will all response vehicles be single crewed, ensuring that the initial response arrives on scene within the target time, but the officer then waits for backup to arrive before intervening?

Or is this just a vague promise from a candidate that will face a struggle to retain his deposit and knows that he will never have to keep it?

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