Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out of step - almost out of time

David Laws is backing the man who has just put him back into government and tells us that every LibDem MP is in the frame for their decision to sign a pledge that they knew was undeliverable - even under a Liberal Democrat majority government.
"Every Liberal Democrat MP has a collective responsibility - this was a decision by all of us"
Clearly, John "Maverick" Hemming hasn't got the memo. On BBC WM this morning, he refused to join in the orgy of apologising:
"I'm not apologising.... I supported it because I thought it was the right thing to do.. I worry about those who harp on about student debt this, student debt the other... if you look at what they actually pay, it's very fair"
Of course, Calamity Clegg wasn't apologising for the policy either - he was apologising for making a promise that his party couldn't keep.

If you recall, John said that it was in everyone's interest for people to lose their jobs.

Less than 1000 days left until the next election....

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