Thursday, December 06, 2012

Know your cheese

"This budget has more holes than gorgonzola," said Cllr Paul Tilsley, after Sir Albert Bore launched the Birmingham budget consultation today.

To the left is gorgonzola, an Italian cheese. Notable for the lack of holes. It does have blue veins running through it and as the budget is given to us by a Tory/Lib Dem govt, that seems appropriate.

I rather think that Cllr Tilsley meant Emmental cheese, from Switzerland, as seen on the right. That is packed full of holes. Unlike our budget, but rather like the ones left by the last administration.

Perhaps Cllr Tilsley would like to explain exactly why his colleagues scrapped the events line from this year's budget, but kept booking events for April and May - with no money put aside to cover the costs.

Even better, he and the spectacularly complacent Cllr Mike Whitby, who also appeared on the same broadcast to tell the populace that it wasn't as bad as all that, could explain why their government has decided that the people of Birmingham deserve to face budget cuts twice the size of the average for the rest of the country.

Sadly, there aren't many laughs in this budget process.

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