Thursday, June 27, 2013

Minister, get the branch out of thine own eye

Birmingham's Tories, ever eager to stir up trouble over the bins, have enlisted the support of Brandon Lewis, a former colleague of Commissar Pickles at Brentwood Council and who has now followed him to Westminster by getting the good people of Great Yarmouth to elect him as an MP. When he isn't doing his master's bidding and beating up local government, he's also in charge of an eclectic mix of fire services and local pubs. 

After prodding by a couple of Tories, Brandon fulminated on demand
"it is most disappointing to see the council introduce this annual charge for collection of garden waste. It is a ‘tax grab’ and increases the risks of fly-tipping in neighbourhoods. Birmingham residents already pay their council tax and should not have to pay extra for this service"
If, for one moment, we set aside the scorching cuts that Brandon's government has so far inflicted on Birmingham - and the cuts yet to come - then we should perhaps look at how things work in his part of the world.

Over in Great Yarmouth, the then Tory council (removed from office in 2012) introduced a garden waste collection scheme (in a wheeled bin) for which they charged a whopping £48.50 back in 2010 - that's 38% more than Birmingham will charge from next year. In Brentwood, the council that Brandon used to run before he crossed to the Dark Side, you can pay up to £46 for your garden waste bin every year - a mere 31% more than Birmingham.

I look forward to Brandon laying into those local authorities for grabbing tax from their residents.

Or providing a paid for service that is not required by law, depending on how you look at it.

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