Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Going, going, Gove...

And so the cheers did ring forth from staff rooms across the land as the iron rule of Gove came to an end.

Was this the dead hand of Theresa May, dealing revenge for their spat a few weeks back and demoting Gove to the post of Chief Whip?

Was this a realisation that Gove is the most unpopular Tory minister (amongst a stiff field)?

Or is this not quite what it seems?

If I was George Osborne, looking to fend off a challenge from Prince Boris - or Dave, determined to stop Boris succeeding him as leader - then having a reliable place man in that vitally important job would be a good move, should the Tories lose in 2015. The whips should be close to the members and accurate indicators of the political weather within the wider party. Gove would be ideally placed to assist George into the top job in due course and would then look to step back into a senior post if a revitalised Tory party were able to regain power in 2020. Of course, it would also be an asset if Michael decided to have a pop at the top job himself - something he has denied.

So it may be a demotion, but a real step up in terms of the power behind the thrones.

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